Cornell Student

Cornell/Weill/Cornell Tech - students (any college, school, department) use this application. You do not have to have a team to sign up. It is your choice if you would like to hack through the night on Saturday. You are allowed to stay, but you are not required to stay through the night. If you do have a team, each member must complete their own application. There is limited space, hackathon is capped at 150 participants. Everyone must sign up in advance and be accepted in advance. Transportation option included.

University Student

Any current student from any university outside of Cornell use this. Hackathon is limited to 150 participants, you must register in advance and be accepted in order to participate in this hackathon. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

Volunteer Mentor

All attendees at the hackathon must register in advance and either be a participant or a mentor. The hackathon is not open to visitors. Event sponsors mentors are provided first entry to event, if space allows for additional mentors we will admit from this list of volunteer mentors.

Special Add-ons